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Spiritual Business Coaching

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What is Spiritual Business Coaching? 

Whether you are a small/medium-sized business owner, a sales and marketing professional, or a solo entrepreneur, spiritual business coaching is for those individuals who want to consciously create with Universal laws using the Law of Attraction, spiritual truths, and Divine guidance to build their brand and grow their business, while simultaneously contributing light and love to our world.  

Areas of Spiritual Business Coaching 

This coaching service pairs both universal spiritual principles with proven business strategies. We’ll work with Spirit, Your Higher Self, Team, and Angels as it relates to the following:

Brand Messaging Development - Develop your Divinely inspired brand messaging, logo, tag line, website, and social media presence

Service and Product Packaging Development - You have a product or service but you don’t know how to sell it? Create sellable service packages

Social Media Marketing - Identify which social media platforms are best for your business and a strategy for supporting your business objectives. Develop intention -rich content that resonates on all levels with your target audience.

Coaching includes instruction on best practices using social media publishers, effective hashtag use, and developing your content sales funnel to grow your follower base, business, and convert followers to sales.

Spiritual Business Guidance - Strengthen your intuition as it relates to business decisions with the use of meditation, oracle card decks, pendulum and chart systems

Spiritual Clearing - Establishing daily rituals for clearing your business, website, social profiles, workspace and business operations clear of foreign energy, cords, and accumulated energies

Spiritual Protection - Maintain protection of your personal and business reputations; enforcing energetic boundaries with clients and vendors; use of crystal grids, sound healing, and aromatherapy


What Can I Expect?

How liberating would it be to bring your spiritual beliefs out of the closet and build your business with true authenticity expressing all of who you are? No longer do you have to hide or temper your spiritual thoughts as it relates to how you go about your business. No more explaining synchronicities, messages from your guides, and your intuitive hits to your co-workers. Forget having to explain why you need to be a vibrational match to your business goals. You get to show up - as you are.

You can expect warm acceptance and professional advice from me as we work together towards your business needs and objectives. Other services such as Reiki, Spiritual Response Therapy, Intuitive Readings, resources, and social media training may be included as needed.

Spiritual Business Coaching is available in-person and via Zoom.


What Spiritual Business Coaching is Not:

Spiritual Business Coaching is not consulting work. It is a discussion of ideas, approaches, and strategies to be fully developed and executed by the client.

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This is Sacred Commerce

Julie is a powerful business person with immense skills and expertise. I have had the privilege of working with her. This is the correct way of collaborating our powers to create a new path of doing business in the world. I call this sacred commerce.