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What is Spiritual Mentoring? 

Whether you are new on your spiritual path or a seasoned lightworker, spiritual mentoring sessions provide one on one guidance, resources, and tools, specific to you and your spiritual development goals, that support you in building upon and expanding your existing knowledge and skills, development and honing your spiritual talents, and activating new ones.   

Areas of Spiritual Mentoring 

Spiritual mentor sessions are offered in-person, via phone and Zoom. You can opt for a single session or together we can build a mentor program based on your needs and timeframe. In-person and Zoom sessions are recorded and are available to you for 30 days. Email support is offered as well. 

Which topics interest you? 
  • Crystal use for protection, clearing, manifesting, health, love, relationships, work, and career, travel
  • Pendulums: develop proficient and accurate use; moving beyond yes/no questions 
  • Centering practices: meditation, journaling, appreciation and gratitude practices 
  • Channeling and automatic writing 
  • Energy clearing of your self, your home, property, business, pets, land  
  • House clearing and blessing
  • Crystal grids for protection, clearing, manifesting, health, love, relationships, work/career, and travel
  • Developing daily rituals: integrating spiritual practices such as these into your daily life 
  • Oracle cards and Tarot readings: develop your reading style and personal spreads for daily, weekly, monthly insights
  • Telepathy: reading energy; connecting and communicating with animals, fairies, plants, Beings
  • Archangels and Angels: develop working relationships with the Archangels and Angels 
  • Don’t see something you are interested in learning?  Reach out via contact us to find out more

What Can I Expect?

Spiritual Mentor Sessions are designed to assist you in bringing to the forefront of your daily living spiritual truths and practices that awaken your inner wisdom and provide for your authentic self to guide you on your path. 

You can expect warm acceptance and professional advice from me as we work together towards your personal needs and objectives. Other services such as Reiki, Spiritual Response Therapy, Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Business Coaching are separate services and may/ may not be recommended during your Spiritual Mentor Session. 

Spiritual Mentor Sessions are available in-person, via phone and Zoom.


What Spiritual Business Coaching is Not:

Spiritual Mentoring is not therapy nor is it consulting work. It is a discussion of ideas, approaches, and strategies to be fully developed and executed by the client.

Payment and Scheduling:

Thank you for considering booking a service.

Once payment is made, a scheduler email is sent to the email address used for payment. Please check your spam folder. Using the scheduler email, select the date and time for your session. Once complete, within 24 hours you will receive a confirmation email along with a Zoom login if the session is remote. Note: If you don't receive the scheduler email, no worries! Our team will reach out to you to schedule.

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