Your Emotions are Talking To You. Are You Listening?

"Emotions are not problems to be solved. They are signals to be interpreted.” ~ Vironika Tugaleva

We all have an inner voice that is steadily communicate with us. We all have intuition or an inner GPS that is meant to guide us, to protect us and lead us in the direction we are meant to be going. Intuition is not something only a few of us possess. Intuition is a gift we all receive the moment we are born. Yet how many of us truly listen to and take regular action based on our intuition? Most say it depends.

It depends on what is going on in our lives. Or how clear our thinking is or how we are feeling. Acting on our intuition may seem “safe” for less important decisions when there is not as much at stake. Yet, for far-reaching decisions, some toss aside their intuition and base decisions solely on the intellect or the logical approach. Given that our intuition is our most intimate guidance system to know what is truly best for each of us, doesn’t it make sense to pay it more attention? To cultivate it, embrace it, and allow it to fully do its job? That makes sense to me. And that feels right to me. Does it to you?

One of the ways in which our intuition guides us is through our emotions. Our feelings. And when we discount or feelings, deny them, push them away or push them down inside of us - well then, it really does make it harder to hear the gentle whisperings of intuition.

Emotions are signals to pay attention to. For example, anger is like a stop sign saying STOP! There’s something to pay attention to here! Whether that is to look at personal boundaries issues, speak up for yourself or explore an area that you are passionate about. Anxiety is a wake-up call to be present and in the moment. To bring yourself back from thinking in the past or worrying about the future and be present right now. And guilt is an indicator of living other people’s expectations of what you should do rather than living your vision of your life. While the experience of some of these emotions may seem uncomfortable, they are there to help you. Much like your muscles hurting while working out at the gym, the workout is intended to benefit you.

So maybe listening to emotions can be a good thing. What are your emotions telling you? Do you feel stuck? Do you feel an overwhelming sense of a certain emotion? There are so many ways to move through emotions. Whether that is exercising and moving your body or expressing your feelings through talking or art, the idea is to allow your emotions to surface so you can learn their message, process them, and then release them.

I have found Reiki to be a powerful healing modality for assisting emotional release through the body. Reiki can heal mental and emotional wounds and can help alleviate mood swings, fear, frustration, and even anger. There is no need to suppress unwanted emotions or remain stuck in them.

Listen for the messages your emotions bring to you and allow them to guide you to a life that works for you.