You Know Your Own Truth - Listen

It's said that Spirit hears every prayer. I believe that.
What is unknown is if we hear Spirit's answer to our prayers?

That comes in the form of intuition. Intuition is hard to define. Think about it and it seems elusive. That’s because intuition doesn’t reside in the mind. You feel it within you. As in, it's a “knowing” or a sensation.

If we want to hear the answers to our prayers and receive guidance, then it's important to develop trusting our inner knowing. So, how do you strengthen your intuition? Here are some tips:

First, listen! Be aware! Become familiar with the most frequent ways in which you, personally, experience your intuition. Pay attention to that experience and consciously make note of it. This builds trust within yourself.

Also, commit to meditation and other mindfulness practices. Even the shortest amount of time meditating or breathing can be an excellent way to tap into your intuition.

Another option is to schedule an intuitive reading with me. We can dive into your intuitive strengths and areas to focus on to gain more clarity and trust with the guidance you receive.  

Learn to listen to your intuition. Live your guided life and light up our world in the process.