Would You Rather Be Right? Or Loved?

Wouldn't it feel great to be right AND loved? It seems like that would be the ego's dream!

Yet I've often found in relationships with others that there are so many different ways to see things. Each person has their own perspective and who is right?

Both are. Each person's experience is valid.  But when one view is pushed as "the right one" and aims to discount the other view, it creates conflict. Feelings of not being heard and validated surface. This dynamic creates a no-win situation in which no one is getting what they want.

What I want, and I believe others to want too, is to be seen, heard, and loved. So when I catch myself needing to be right, I remind myself to pause and choose my words wisely. Deep down, I want to be loved.

How often do you choose to be right over to be loved? And how does your choice impact your connection with others?