When to Rest and Relax or Push On?

Should you rest or push harder?

In a society that glamorizes overworking and abandoning our needs, and inner knowing in place for external validation, self-care is more important than ever.

Listen to your body. Your mind. Your emotions. What are these parts of yourself telling you? It is time to rest? Refresh? Renew?

Honor your Being! And by doing so, you will bring more energy and more presence to whatever it is you are doing.

Take a moment to put your hands over your heart. Breathe deeply.
Take a few more deep, cleansing, refreshing breaths.
How do you feel? What do you need at this moment? How can you best give that to yourself?

And, as a gentle reminder, I'm here to help bring alignment to your energy. If you're feeling down, out of sorts, or in need of an energy boost, consider booking an energy healing session with me.