When In Doubt, Remember This One Thing

"What you seek is seeking you" ~ Rumi

Sometimes our dreams and desires seem to effortlessly float to us and other times, it seems as though those unfulfilled desires are so out of reach. And while we may feel the yearning, the aches, and the wants of those desires, they may feel so far away that they seem elusive and out of reach. That can begin to feel like hopelessness.  

And that is why I love this quote.  To me, it is a powerful reminder that the desires, wants, yearnings that we feel in our hearts are there for a reason. They are gifts from the Divine for us to nurture with our imaginations and grow with our hearts, talents, and abilities. Spirit would not have us feel these callings if they were not meant to manifest.

When we are in transition, feeling uncertain or attached to how things show up, this quote can be helpful to bring your thoughts and attention back to the present moment and to reconnect with the genuine desires and callings of your heart.

Remind yourself that your hopes, dreams, inner callings, and desires are gifts from Spirit. They are gems in your heart for you to uncover and develop. "What you seek is seeking you." Rumi