What You Focus On Grows

Thoughts can feel elusive. As in, I can be thinking of something and not realize I am thinking about anything until I catch myself! Have you noticed this too? I may have the best intentions to "catch" myself thinking negatively about a subject and intend to replace that thought with a more affirming thought but it seems challenging sometimes to be that present to my thoughts.

So what are some ways to become present to thoughts?

Meditation is one form I use to help me bring awareness thoughts. Namely, I like to notice during meditation when I get distracted by a thought or when I become lost in thought; or more so when I start to identify with that thought.

Another practice is journaling. On one side of a piece of paper, I will write down all of the negative thoughts I have on a subject. Then, after taking a few deep breaths and asking Spirit to be with me, I right down on the right side of the paper truths.
What I notice in doing this is that the negative messages always tend to be around lack, self-doubt, not being good enough, not feeling adequate, not being accepted or something along those lines. And when I feel into that, my body and my emotional self don't feel very good. Conversely, when I feel into the items written on the right side of the paper, my heart space opens and I feel good in my body.

So how does all of this come together? Well, I may not always be able to catch myself when I am thinking less than desirable thoughts. But, my body and emotions give me feedback in the moment. It's like using my body and emotions as a dashboard to indicate what I am thinking.

How do you watch and catch your thoughts? Do you notice any reoccurring, chronic thoughts that are limiting your potential? Guess what? Spiritual Response Therapy would be an excellent energy healing modality to use to work through those thought patterns. Learn more - the link is in the bio.