What We Can Learn From Trees Releasing Their Leaves

Fall is a lovely season that teaches us about transition and letting go. Specifically, as the trees release their leaves, it is a powerful reminder of how to let go with ease. There's a gentleness to the process. Generally, not all leaves drop at once. And, there is a trust in the renewal of life in the spring.

The same can apply to our releasing of what no longer serves us. While we invite change in our lives, we often greet change with resistance and fear. Even when it is good change. Change that we asked for!

We can learn from the trees releasing their leaves. We can let go and transition gracefully too. The way I like to do that is to give a voice to whatever it is that I am releasing. I pretend it is a friend and I talk to it. I thank it for what it has done for me and all the ways it has served and helped me. I also share that I've outgrown that way of thinking or being and share that I'm ready to move on to what is next for me. I also ask that part of myself that is holding on what it needs so that it can let go too.

Just like the leaves not dropping from the trees all at once, I don't have to let go of all that is not serving me, all at once. Each part gets a voice and gets to gracefully exit with gratitude and in its most proper timing.

Interestingly enough, some of the things that I thought I had to release, actually transformed. I kept the parts that worked and let the others go.

What are you noticing in your transitions? Ease? Fear? Struggle? Clarity? A little bit of all of this? I'm here to support you in your time of transition. Consider scheduling an Intuitive Reading to gain insights as to the areas that are most troubling you or schedule a Reiki session to assist in moving the energy through your energetic bodies.