What Clients Say About Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

Maybe you have heard about Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)  or not.

Briefly, SRTprovides an exacting, powerful and accurate way of changing the landscape of our inner and outer lives, enabling us to live more freely and fully. Common areas of clearing through Spiritual Response Therapy include some of the following. Granted, each client has a different focus but common areas include:

Money and finances: remove programs, vows, blocks, thought patterns and beliefs around poverty, scarcity, struggle, and lack.  Invite ease, flow, positive self-expression, success, and abundance into your life, work, and business.

Career or life path: release the experience of feeling stuck, unclear, indecisiveness, or confusion around your career or next steps in your life path. Create allowing for clarity, purpose, inner guidance, and spiritual support. Experience improved self-esteem and sense of purpose.

Relationships: release and remove damaging patterns and reoccurring programs, beliefs, and behavior that are liming and sabotaging yourself and your relationships. Gain a deeper understanding of the underlying root cause issues in your relationships with yourself, significant other, coworkers, friends, family.  

Health, weight, and/or wellbeing: Dissolve health issues, physical pain, discomfort, addictions, and addictive behaviors.  Mitigate phobias, allergies, and intolerances. Release and remove struggle, obsessive thoughts, programs and belief systems related to weight gain, weight issues, and accompanying negative self-talk including anger and self-criticism.


Sounds good, right? And it is! If you are considering an SRT session, have a look at what my clients have to say about their Spiritual Response Therapy sessions:

  • "Julie is a gem. Her sessions are very powerful and filled with a lightness that is truly special." ~ Carrie K.
  • "If you're feeling lost, weighed down, stuck or just need confirmation on what you feel... Book the service. Julie is everything that you can ask for and so much more."~ Shanice F.
  • "I really enjoyed the Spiritual Response Therapy session with Julie. I am looking for answers to my physical limitations. She is very professional and explains what she is doing and why during the session. I found it fascinating and helpful. I plan to continue working with Julie as I'm already feeling a shift in my thinking and I've only had one session." ~ Lynn P

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