What Clients Have To Say About New Moon Manifesting

Every month at the time of the New Moon, we convene as a group for the New Moon Meetup Manifesting Event via Zoom. 

It's a special event which includes meditation, intentional journaling, crystal cleansing and charging, and channeled guidance on optimizing the new moon's specific energy with your intentions for the month ahead.

Cherished by many, this event embraces each new moon's energy to gain clarity on what each of us would like to bring into your world or let go of during the next 28 days.

Here's what a cherished client had to say: "I had always heard of the New Moon being the time to plant the seeds of manifesting but never had a clear idea of how to do this. Now I do thanks to Julie and this class! Julie shares the information she downloads via channeling for each specific New Moon. We then take the time for all attending to write down their wishes for the New Moon. I have seen wishes come true and I know that this class had everything to do with that in the assistance provided by Julie. I high recommend this class!" ~ Gary S.

Consider joining us for the New Moon Events! Visit the Clear-Intuition Meetup page, become a member and receive announcements of all upcoming events!