Ways to Renew Your Energy with Springtime Energy

Are you smelling the fresh air and feeling the sunshine on your skin? I hope so! Spring energy offers opportunities to shift your energy. Here's how! 

Welcome the spring energy in your life by spending time outside in nature. Allow the energy of spring to reinvigorate and renew your energy systems within your body. Let the scent of the flowers connect you with the divine. 

Welcome the pollinators and the birds that return. They carry an energy that unites the collective in a way that amplifies a sensation of wellbeing.

As we individually gaze upon the first green blades of grass and the flowers that surface beneath the ground or the snow cover, the gazing upon these beautiful images represent a revival of soul-sprung energy from within each of us.

As you gaze upon the images of springtime in nature, use that imagery as a reflection, an entry point within yourself, to
be curious about how you are different. How you have grown over the last few months and year. You are encouraged to pause in those moments and reflect with deep appreciation for your courage and resiliency in light of recent challenging circumstances.

This springtime energy is an opportunity to nourish and restore the physical, mental and emotional levels, to bring some comfort to the personality self, and simultaneously allow your soul essences to fill in and blossom.  

Breath deeply the energies for Springtime and refresh and renew all aspects of your Being. Blessings friends!