Tribe Online - Virtual Gathering - February 24, 2020

Are you lonely on your spiritual path? Do you live in a remote area or a location in which there just aren't that many spiritually-minded folks to talk to? Maybe you just don't feel like driving to visit with others. In a nutshell, are you looking for your tribe? You know, YOUR people!?! The ones where you can freely discuss your personal "ah-ha" moments, explore angel messages, share what you are learning from your oracle cards or Tarot readings, and talk about manifesting.
This is it! Join us ONLINE for a casual and relaxed evening of sharing, and building authentic connections, in a warm and supportive community of like-minded folks.

We’ll begin the evening with brief introductions and guided meditation.
Each person will have some time to introduce themselves, share about what they are up to (manifesting, reading, learning, questions they may have) and also receive insights and feedback from me, Julie, and other group members.
We’ll finish the evening with a closing meditation.

Why You'll Love It
This is an excellent way to engage in community with other like-minded people. People committed to their spiritual path. Those using the Law of Attraction to manifest. The ones that wear crystals in their undergarments have oracle card decks in their purses, as well as, apps on their phones. And those that use pendulums to assist in big decision making. No hiding here! Step outside of the proverbial Spiritual Closet and feel welcomed and embraced as your Spiritual Self.
Join the gathering in your comfy clothes using your PC, tablet, or smartphone.
Join via phone or video - your choice.

Not sure what you would want to share? Talk about? Or get some insights on? See if any of these spark your interest!
* Explore what is standing in your way or blocking you right now.
* What are you reading, listening to and want to discuss with others for ideas?
* Do you have any personal "ah ha’s" you want to share?
* What about dream interpretations?
* What beliefs, patterns of behavior are in your way and you’d like some new approaches to how others have addressed similar challenges.
* Can’t say no? Give too much? Need more balance in your relationships? Get the support with boundaries and have confidence you are taking the right path for you.
* Strengthen your belief in your spiritual self. Get support, validation, and acknowledgment.
*Gift yourself with the support you want and need for yourself. And, show up and express that same support for others. It feels great knowing you have a team and community of friends that have your back!

Join us and gift yourself with the support, love, and inspiration a unique group like this offers.

Register for the Tribe Online -Virtual Gathering - Monday, February 24, 2020, 6:00 - 8:00 PM