Thieves To The Rescue During COVID19

As the states are reopening for business, it's important to maintain personal and energetic hygiene to remain healthy and well.  

We all have the checklist: wear masks, maintain social distancing and stay a minimum of 6' apart, and wash your hands frequently.  How are you supporting your immune system in other ways? 

Consider that your thoughts, feelings, and your surrounding environment play a role in maintaining wellness.  Remember to eat fresh and alive foods. Monitor your thoughts and feelings for clarity and discernment as to what is "your" energy versus someone else's.  And, boost your physical and emotional environment with Thieves Essential Oil.  Thieves is a valuable oil to help cleanse the surrounding air while also promoting health and wellness.  Get it for your diffuser or in a roll-on for on the go moments like at the grocery store or running errands. 

Remember to be gentle with yourself during these unprecedented times.  Self-love and self-compassion goes a long way! Be well friends!