The Importance of Rituals in Daily Living And Ways to Start Them

Do you have any daily rituals? When you wake up in the morning do you immediately start rushing through your day? Checking your phone? Answering emails and responding to text messages? Or, do you take the time to connect with yourself in a meaningful way?  

While it may seem challenging to set aside time each day to connect and be present with yourself, it’s actually one of the most important things you can do for yourself.  Whether time for yourself is spent reading, meditating or showing self-compassion for yourself, it matters.  Many of these practices have been scientifically demonstrated to have a positive impact on the physical body.  For instance, a study by the Universities of Exeter and Oxford has found that taking part in self-compassion exercises calms the heart rate, switching off the body's threat response.   

Daily rituals don’t have to be done first thing in the morning; rituals focused on personal empowerment, spiritual connection, and centering practices can be enjoyed throughout the day and at different times.  Consider taking some deep breaths during an office meeting. Maybe try a short visualization during lunch time. Maybe listen to a brief meditation upon returning from work. These are simple, yet effective ways to slow down the pace of the day and reconnect with your own spirit and guidance.  

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With steady focus and commitment, it’s quite easy to implement more and more rituals and centering practices in your day.  Need help? Reach out on Twitter or Facebook with questions!