The Hidden Gems in Uncertainty

Ugh, uncertainty! I don't know if others dislike feeling uncertain as much as I do but I have learned there are some hidden gems in now knowing how something is going to turn out.

Primarily, it's being present. By not knowing, I have been forced to be in the present moment and really check in with my own inner guidance moment to moment. That has built trust. Trust that Spirit has my back. That I am being guided. And that I am loved. And that trust has rewarded me with an opportunity to look back as the journey has unfolded and realized, at each moment, I was taken care of and that even then when I felt uncertain, I was okay. Fast forward to the present moment and the same holds true.

True knowing is that we are loved. We are guided.

It's something that seems to have endless levels of learning for me. You might share a similar or different experience. It's a fascinating one yet the not knowing part sure does lend itself to beautiful surprises. What are your thoughts on this? What is your experience?