The Coronavirus Stay at Home Orders Is An Invitation for Self Discovery

Spring is in the air and so is graduation and Mother's Day. Usually, this is a time of coming together and sharing in celebration and honor with loved ones.  However, given our current social distancing requirements, that will most likely not occur.

Social distancing doesn't mean there needs to be a disconnect whether that is with family and friends, or even with oneself.  Our current challenges offer a unique opportunity and invitation to go within and reconnect with ourselves. 

There are many ways to connect with yourself. Meditation, walks, journaling, and just being present to the messages from your body, emotions, thoughts, and Spiritual Self.  Another way to reconnect with yourself is with an intuitive reading. 

Intuitive readings are a self-discovery tool that provides a better understanding of oneself, life lessons, and a discovery of the current opportunities available to shift, heal, and grow. Whether faced with seemingly unattainable goals, challenging issues or concerns, or any chronic conditions or faced with a life experience that seems to be going well, an intuitive reading is like a mirror reflecting back with insights to illustrate choices available to you on your path. 

If you feel a calling from within to explore your authentic self and the opportunities before you, book a session today. Readings are offered remotely via phone, Instagram, and Zoom.