The Best Crystals for Love In Your Life And Why

Crystals are said to help you find and sustain love and create positive influence at home and work. So, where’s the best place to start when it comes to making the most of these precious gems for loving relationships? Read more to find out!
The Best Crystals for Love, Marriage and Relationships to have in your tool kit
  • Rose Quartz is considered the stone of unconditional Love. It challenges you to seek youth, peace, beauty, art, music, written word and most of all love. 
  • Clear Quartz is attracted into one’s life to facilitate that particular person’s growth of awareness. By picking this stone you are unconsciously looking for a beacon of light that will help to show and guide your way.
  • Amazonite is a brilliant stone for those who are looking to repair or ignite an existing relationship. Its soothing jade color resonates with the heart chakra and balances out emotional energy.
  • Other crystals to consider are: Malachite, Blue Lace Agate and Emerald. 
Crystals for Attracting Love
  • Rose Quartz is one of the most powerful stones for attracting love because it opens your heart center, restoring love and trust. Keeping rose quartz by your bedside is helpful. A special practice is holding rose quartz while reciting emotionally rich affirmation. Examples include: My life is full of love. I attract love into my life. I am a magnet for love. Committing to a meaningful affirmation practice can help draw a new love into your life. The rose quartz meaning teaches you to love yourself and receive love from another.
  • Pink Tourmaline brings love of all kinds into your life. It transforms your energy to foster positivity and openness, which prepares you for meeting your soul mate. Place this crystal in your bedroom for attracting love.

Crystals for Self Love

  • Sunstone’s yellow color represents the sun, and the sunstone meaning is to allow your true self to shine. It also stimulates your personal power, strength and leadership abilities. It increases your self-worth and confidence.
  • Tiger’s Eye is ideal for anyone not in a committed relationship. It helps you recognize your own needs and those of others. It also heals issues of self-worth and self-criticism.

Crystals for Relationships

  • Moonstone calms over-reactions to situations, which is important for keeping the peace in a relationship. It also brings up old emotional patterning, so you can make changes for a healthy relationship that satisfies both partners.
  • Lapis Lazuli was dedicated to Venus, the Goddess of love for more than 5,000 years. It is the stone of communication, which helps bring honesty, compassion and harmony to a relationship. It helps facilitate active listening.
  • Aventurine helps dissolve feeling and thoughts that are causing stress. It strengthens a mature relationship and dispels negativity.
  • Emerald is the stone of successful love. It encourages romantic bliss and loyalty. The emerald meaning is to enhance unity, unconditional love and partnership, keeping the relationship stable.

Crystals for Healing a Broken Heart

  • Rhodonite is the ideal stone for healing a broken heart. It’s often referred to as the rescues stone and has a vibrational energy that helps bring forgiveness and compassion to aid with relationship problems. It is one of the best stones for healing the heart or emotional trauma.
  • Malachite's deep green stone aids in transformation of the heart. It reminds you to keep a positive and optimistic outlook on life and opens your heart to all types of love.
  • Blue Lace Agate is an extremely nurturing and supportive stone. It dispels the feelings of being judged and rejected and helps over-come self-sabotage.
  • Raw Chrysocolla is especially helpful during times of change and transition such as breakups, because it helps to calm your emotions so that you can begin to heal. Chrysocolla also helps increase your capacity to love.
Having these precious beauties in your environment is helpful. Doing so with intention is even more empowering. There are ways to amplify the power of your crystals using other tools and rituals. Consider some of the following:
  • affirmations (mentioned above)
  • oracle decks
  • candles
  • journaling
  • essential oils
  • baths
  • Fung shui placement
There are a few other ways to enhance the love in your life. Pick up a handy little love bag and keep it in your bag, under your pillow, or by your deck. Book a Crystal Reading!
Most importantly, as you move through your day, being present to the love that surrounds you - whether that is from friends, family, co-workers, pets, nature - is essential to allowing the love in. Be receptive to the ever flowing energy of love that is in and around you.