Super Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Crystals

Happy Valentine's Day friends!

Crystals are said to help you find and sustain love and create positive influence at home and work. So, where’s the best place to start when it comes to making the most of these precious gems for loving relationships? 

The following are some of my favorite go-to crystals to have on hand for everyday use and especially for relationships. 

  • Rose Quartz is considered the stone of unconditional Love. It challenges you to seek youth, peace, beauty, art, music, the written word and most of all love.
  • Clear Quartz is attracted into one’s life to facilitate that particular person’s growth of awareness. By picking this stone you are unconsciously looking for a beacon of light that will help to show and guide your way.
  • Amazonite is a brilliant stone for those who are looking to repair or ignite an existing relationship. Its soothing jade color resonates with the Heart Chakra and balances out emotional energy.
  • Rhodonite is the ideal stone for healing a broken heart. It’s often referred to as the rescues stone and has a vibrational energy that helps bring forgiveness and compassion to aid with relationship problems. 

Now that you have some ideas as to the crystals you may want to work with, the next question is how to use them?  There are several ways to enjoy your stones. See which of these ideas resonate with you: 

  • Set your intention for your stones and keep them by your bedside or under your pillow. Fall asleep each evening visioning of your intentions as they have already manifested. 
  • Create a love altar with flowers, beautiful pictures, quotes, and other heartwarming and loving items with a written intention of the loving relationship you are addressing. Place your stones alongside your alter and connect with each of your alter elements daily in a way to infuse energy and connect with your manifestation. 
  • Keep your crystals in your pocket. Hold, touch, and look at them intently for a few moments throughout the day to keep your manifesting energy alive and present time. 

Most of all, enjoy the feeling of empowerment and magic that is alive and present in your life.  Crystals are a great way to connect with your intuition and Spirit to manifest your heart's desires.