Self Love Matters

How often do you find yourself sharing with others how much you love them? Acknowledging them? Caring for their needs, desires, and wants?  Even if you aren't actually communicating with words, you may energetically be expressing your love and care.  

The question is, how often do you do this for yourself?  How often do you pause to tell yourself, I love you?  We all need acknowledgment and love and while it feels wonderful to receive that from someone else, nothing feels quite as delicious and wholesome as the love and care we give to ourselves. 

With that said, right now, take a moment to pause. Breathe deeply. Place your hands over your heart and connect with your being. Silently or out loud, say to yourself, I love you.  Now take a moment to acknowledge yourself for anything you want to be "seen" for.  It can be as simple as saying to yourself, "I see how hard you are trying" or "I see the effort you are making."  Simply give yourself the kudos you want and need to hear and witness how that feels in your body and your emotional self.  Most likely, it will feel good. 

Enjoy the love you give to yourself. Self-love matters. When you feel loved, you naturally gift others with more Light and love in our world.