Hello! Welcome to Clear-Intuition!

How wonderful that you have found us and we’re delighted that you are here! You might we wondering be wondering what Clear Intuition is all about. So, let’s just jump right in!

Clear - Intuition is a Spirit-Directed business founded on the principle that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. As Spiritual beings, we are all gifted with our own internal navigation system to get through life - it’s called intuition. Living life through your intuition is easy - when it is clear. Yet, when doubt, confusion, blocks, and interference get in the way from hearing and recognizing your own guidance or gut feelings, well, life can feel frustrating, heavy, and less than joyful.

There are countless ways in which to clear and remove blocks interfering with your intuition. That’s where our healing services and products help. Our services, products, and classes are intended to expedite the awakening of each person’s truth of who they are. Ultimately, this brings more joy and more Light in your world, and our world.

You are invited to get to know us better. For now, feel free to look around the site. Check out our healing products and learn more about the Reiki services, Spiritual Response Therapy sessions, and the Essential Oil Consultations that are offered. Stay in touch too! Connect on social media with us or subscribe to the newsletter.

Again, great that you found us! We’re happy to be on this journey together.