Remaining Centered in a Changing World

Navigating our changing world may cause feelings of uncertainty to rise.
If you find yourself feeling challenged, confused, hopeless at times, and also called to action without knowing exactly what that action is, you are not alone.
Individually and collectively, we are shedding what no longer serves while also embracing new energies that are ushering us forward on a new path.
Sharing some guidance during these transitional times:
  • Be kind and compassionate with yourself during these uncertain times. Honor your internal rhythms. When you have energy, use it. When you don't, rest. When you feel confused, pause. When you feel clear, take action.
  • Release the judgment of comparing how you live your life now versus save a month or so ago. A  more favorable approach is accepting what is. Invite a curious mindset. As in, I wonder...I wonder what this will be like? I wonder what changes I will see in myself? I wonder how I'll react to things differently?
  • Shift your thoughts to include a positive expectation. Align with the energy shifts occurring, and bring more peace and tranquility to your daily life.

Remember, trust your intuition and your inner wisdom to guide you through illusion to find your truth. 

Blessings friends!