Register for the Pendulums: Beyond The Basics via Zoom Class - October 12, 2020

Looking for ways to use your pendulum beyond yes or no questions? Discover how pendulums can be used for divination purposes and as a self-discovery tool for personal and spiritual growth.

Lead by Julie Starr over Zoom, this class covers some basic questions and uses for pendulums, including:

*Review basic pendulum setup with your Spiritual Team; establishing neutrality; voyeurism

*Class Explore different ways to use pendulums to gain insights and answers to questions

*Explore different ways to use pendulums to gain insights and answers to advanced questions, for example:
*chakra balancing and clearing;
*using your pendulum to help identify what are your best options for
you for work, purchasing items, healing modalities;
*using your pendulum for deeper insights as to what is going on in

Please have your favorite pendulum and paper for taking notes available prior to the class.

Note: we will be using The Pendulum Charts Volume 1 by Dale Olsen.
The charts are not required for the class but helpful if you prefer to take your pendulum work beyond the basics. This book can be purchased on Amazon or at many local metaphysical bookstores

Class is held ONLINE VIA ZOOM.

Cost is $20.00
Make payment here: Or go to and look under classes

After payment is made, login information will be sent to you via email within 24 hours.