Personal Empowerment in the New Year

Do you consider yourself a spiritual person but don't quite know how to integrate spiritual practices into your daily life?  Are you seeking personal development in the New Year? Perhaps spiritual mentoring is for you! 

Spiritual mentor sessions are offered in-person, via phone and Zoom. Which topics interest you? Want to learn more? The link is in the bio.

* Crystal use for protection, clearing, manifesting, health, love, relationships, work, and career, travel
* Pendulums: develop proficient and accurate use; moving beyond yes/no questions
* Centering practices: meditation, journaling, appreciation and gratitude practices
* Channeling and automatic writing
* Energy clearing of your self, your home, property, business, pets, land
* House clearing and blessing
* Crystal grids for protection, clearing, manifesting, health, love, relationships, work/career, and travel
* Developing daily rituals: integrating spiritual practices such as these into your daily life
* Oracle cards and Tarot readings: develop your reading style and personal spreads for daily, weekly, monthly insights
* Telepathy: reading energy; connecting and communicating with animals, fairies, plants, Beings
* Archangels and Angels: develop working relationships with the Archangels and Angels

Have questions? Is there something you would like to learn that is not on the list? Reach out! We can craft a Mentor Session just for you!