Personal Empowerment and Psychic Self Protection for Holiday Gatherings - Workshop

Learn tips, strategies, and self-empowering rituals to clear your energy and personal space to stay centered, be present, and enjoy the holiday season.

While the holidays are fun and festive, they can also feel challenging. There are additional pressures and expectations around time, money, and social obligations. Not to mention the struggles of addressing the occasional offhanded or inappropriate remark made from a coworker or family member. There are so many issues that rise to the surface during the holiday season. In addition, we may even be confronted with our own internal demons. As in, self-talk that is less than supportive, feelings of shame, guilt, not measuring up, and sacrificing our own self-care during this time.

This class is an opportunity to create a different story for yourself this holiday season. Instead of going through it like years past, consider taking this holiday season on as an exercise to be present to yourself and others with empowering ways to keep your personal energy and space clear.

We’ll cover strategies using the power of intention, crystals, self-care routines, and connecting with Spirit so that you can more easily navigate the holidays in a way that brings more ease, joy, and the Divine into your world.

The class is led by Julie Weber and includes meditation, lecture, and discussion, and take-home exercises.

The class location is at the Clear Intuition Studio.
6897 Paiute Avenue, Suite 2F, Niwot, CO 80503

Parking is available in front of the office suites.

Please bring paper or your journal, pen, and your favorite crystal(s).

The cost is $25.00 at the door. Cash or credit card accepted.
RSVP is required. Register here

I look forward to seeing you! Blessings!