Peace vs Conflict: Be Mindful of Who You Choose to Spend Your Time

Be mindful of who you choose to spend your time with. Those not at peace with themselves are often challenging to be around. Choose to be with those that light you up! You know, those that help you be YOU.

How do you know if someone helps your being?

I call it the Light Up game. When you are around different people, situations, and events, pay attention to your energy. Do you feel lifted? Inspired? Peaceful? Content? Heard? Seen? Accepted? Notice if your body feels relaxed, comfortable, enthused? These are some indicators that you are LIT UP! Around people and in environments that help support your Being.

Conversely, if you feel drained, frustrated, stunted, discounted, discouraged, unenthused, fearful, then you have indicators that this person, situation, or event is not supporting you at that moment.

Using discernment and feedback from your body and emotions, you can navigate your daily interactions with others to mindfully choose the energies that best support you, your intentions, and your goals.