Nature is Healing

Given that each day we are confronted with different challenges, issues, and energies during these challenging times, it requires more self-care and self-nourishing to stay grounded in our own energies.  

And why is it important to stay grounded in our own energy? So that we are living our own authentic lives driven and guided by our own intuition. Not influenced by others agendas for us.

One easy way to ground yourself is to spend time in nature.  Natural settings are uplifting and nourishing. Using the power of intention, you can intend that your time in nature be used to cleanse your energy field of all energies that are not of Love and Light. To release all energies that are not yours or that you have taken on. And, to nourish your physical, mental, and emotional bodies with healing, vibrant life force surrounding you.

If you can, take some time today and spend some time in nature. Hug a tree. Walk barefoot and feel the ground beneath your feet. Listen to the wind gracefully flow past and allow healing energies to uplift and nourish you.