Mind Your Thoughts for Wellness

As many of us know, predictions for COVID-19 and flu-related cases are expected to increase and reach all-time highs in the coming weeks. No doubt, it is essential in the coming weeks to protect your physical, mental, and emotional health.   Given the uncertainties of our current time, stress and other discordant energies can find cracks into your energy field rendering you potentially susceptible to un-wellness.
What can you do? Mind your thoughts. 
Be mindful of fear-based messaging from the media, radio and tv commercials, print media, and others suggesting ideas around getting ill. The antidote: practice discernment in the information. Using your intuition, notice what information rings true for you. Connect with any inspired actions you feel called to take. Let the rest go. Focus your attention, thoughts, and energy on what brings you to balance. If you find yourself needing some assistance with this, consider scheduling a Spiritual Mentor Session. Together we'll craft the best approach for you to maintain balance and wellness. 
Be well friends!