Magical Crystal Bags for Healing, Prosperity, Protection, Love, Abundance, and Happiness

Crystal healing bags are fun! They are awesome, helpful little bags filled with magical crystals just waiting to help support you on your spiritual path. 

No doubt, these gems help to promote healing and blessings in your life. They assist in connecting you with your inner wisdom and intuition. They help to clear your energy, manifest your desires and bring peace and well being into your life experience. 

Yay! What's not to love about all that? 

But, some aren't exactly sure how to use these precious little goodie bags.  Here are a few ideas to help sort that out.

  • Wear or keep your crystal healing bag near you. Perhaps place it on your desk, under your pillow, or on your nightstand at night when you are sleeping. Set your intention for its use, whether that is to help you release or bring in energies to support you and your manifestation goals. 
  • Create a healing bath for yourself and include the stones in your bath.
  • Add crystal healing bags to your personal alter. Include an oracle card, other gemstones, a candle, essential oil, and other meaningful items.
  • Place crystal healing bags of protection around your doors, windows, and other openings to your home. 
  • Keep a prosperity crystal healing bag near your wallet or piggy bank. You can even place it atop financial statements with the intention that your stones clear all lower vibrational energy from your money and financial accounts and assets and allow for ongoing financial growth that serves both you and the highest good of all.

Check out the lovely magical crystal bags on the website for Healing, Prosperity, Protection, Love, Abundance, and Happiness. As a bonus, consider booking a Crystal Reading too!

Blessings, Friends!