Listen Within

That voice! It's your intuition. And it can guide you.
Especially now, with all the bizarre occurrences in our world, listening to inner guidance is critical.
So, what does that actually look like? It's about being in the moment and sinking into your gut feelings on even the most mundane matters. For example, when you are at a stoplight and you get the nudge to turn. Or, if you get gentle guidance suggesting something to do, as in go grocery shopping. Or better yet, following that feeling that informs you of what not to do. As in, opting out of joining that event or gathering. Intuition can be simple things like that.
When you listen to your intuition, it aligns you with the best possible path for you. And then, when the next moment happens, you are set up in the best possible place for whatever is occurring.
You can recognize your intuition by the way it feels. It will feel positive, gentle, and clear. Even if you're having a bad day and you listen to and act on your intuition, you'll feel slightly better than if you didn't.
To recap, listening to your intuition is about paying attention to how you feel. And the more that each of us can just trust our inner knowing, the stronger it becomes.
Trust your intuition friends!