Letting Go to Embrace the Blessings Before You

If you want to get different results, then you have to change, grow, and try different approaches. And that might mean saying good-bye to people, situations, and things that no longer serve your highest good.

Do you remember what Albert Einstein said? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” So, what is standing in the way of you making a change?

What I've noticed is that change can feel uncomfortable. Unsettling. But all growth comes from within. When you're growing, you're becoming more fully yourself—stronger, truer, your authentic self.

The guidance on this is to trust. Trust yourself. Trust Spirit (God, The Universe, or use your preferred name). Your desire to grow, heal, or change some area of your being or life is there as a calling to be your true self. You'll be guided through the uncomfortable and unsettling times. As you let go of the old, the new becomes available.

If you need some extra support moving through challenges in your life, consider scheduling a Reiki Session or an Intuitive Tarot Reading. Both energy healing services offer clarity and guidance to move through challenging or stuck energy flows and allow for receptivity to new paths forward.