Pendulum 101 - Learn to Use a Pendulum

Mystified or curious as to how to use a pendulum?  There are many ways to use a pendulum. Answering yes/no questions is the most basic and perhaps most useful pendulum skill there is; however pendulums can be used for divination purposes, as well as, self-discovery tools for personal and spiritual growth.

Learn more about pendulum use in the upcoming Meetup class on May 16th.  Lead by Julie Weber, this class covers some basic questions and uses for pendulums, including:

* What is a pendulum, what is it used for, and does the material matter?
* Understanding where you get your information and how to set that up in the best way possible.
* Establishing your pendulum movements and how to understand them
* Questions you can ask and receive answers to when using your pendulum.
* Verifying you are getting correct answers.
* Basic chart systems to begin pendulum work.

Please bring your favorite pendulum to the class or purchase a pendulum from our store.

RSVP for the Pendulum 101 class today and we'll see you soon!