Karma Triggers: Own Your Energy and Be Free

Life, people, situations can throw us curve balls. Expected or unexpected - hurtful or not, it comes at us. We have choices in how we respond to all that.

Truth be told, I have found in my experience, this is a prime time for healing and leadership. When the unexpected and less than desirable curve ball comes my way, I've learned it's something for me to learn. And, the way in which I handle myself is an opportunity to show others how to take the higher road (given that is what I am doing!). I do my best. And this is the choice. Not always the easiest path.

A way to navigate those curveballs and your reaction to them is by standing in your truth and honoring who you are. Sounds good, right? But how does that really show up? 

One way is to be clear about what you are responsible for and what you are not. For instance, you are responsible for your own words, behaviors, actions, efforts, mistakes, ideas, and consequences of those. You are not responsible for other people's opinions, other  people's behavior, other people's actions, their mistakes, their words, their beliefs, and you are not responsible for the consequences of other people's actions.  Clarity is a gift here. So is discernment. 

So while in the heat of the curveball headed your way, pause. Take a deep breath. Before responding or reacting, take a moment to exercise discernment and the power of clarity to refine what you truly are responsible for in that given moment and rise to the occasion by speaking your truth with honesty and integrity. 

As Melodie Beattie says it so very well, "We can say what we need to say. We can gently, but assertively, speak our mind. We do not need to be judgmental, tactless, blaming or cruel when we speak our truths." 

I share with hopes that as life comes at you today, you will find encouragement and support to dig deep. Find your inner truth in the matter. Speak your truth with ease, grace, and bring Light to the situation and our world through your spiritual leadership.