Is There A Magic Pill for Personal Empowerment?

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a magic pill for transformation? It appears that our society believes this is the case. There are pills to take to aid weight loss. Pills to take for more vibrant health. Books to read and courses to take that claim transformational processes. Clothes to wear or items to purchase that align with a preferred self-image. Granted, these aren’t all “pills” per se, but if you spent some time thinking about it, it is doubtful that there would be an end to this list. And why is that? Because these “magic pills” are external - outside of yourself.

Not that these “pills” are inherently bad or wrong. The intent here is not to place judgment. Everything serves a purpose. However, the intent is to redirect where the magic is - inside of you. Inside of me. Inside each of us. That magic is personal empowerment and all it takes is the desire to look within yourself and take true accountability for what you see. The things you like about yourself, dislike, things that you would like to change, and the things you truly cherish and admire about yourself. And, an honest look at the specific areas in your life where you would like to become more than who you currently are - to grow into your true essence. I’m talking about the real you. Your authentic way of being. Not who you think you should be - or need to be - but who you truly are. That would be you, using your unique talents and gifts in creative ways that are fulfilling and rewarding to you while also making a contribution to our world. Basically, living your life’s purpose.

This is where intuition guides us. All of the answers that we need for our life’s perfect expression is within us. Each of us has the answers to our most probing questions. We have access to the next steps we need to take in our lives towards personal empowerment if we take the time to listen. Sometimes, it means getting out of our own way. Surrendering to the Divine, Spirit, God, Source, or your preferred name for All That Is. And sometimes, personal empowerment is assisted by the help of others. Whether that comes in the form of hearing the right words spoken in conversation that inspire you to a new way of thinking about something. Or, the information you read in a magazine article that shifts your perspective in a different way.

I help others make shifts along their journey in personal empowerment by offering Reiki, Spiritual Response Therapy, and Essential Oils sessions. Each healing energy practice has its unique qualities and depending on what is best for the client is the healing modality used. What’s most important about what I do, is that it’s not about me. It’s not about the energy healing sessions. It’s about you - the client. I’m just a facilitator to empower you to your healing. The magic happens within you. Without your intent to shift, heal, change, or grow, nothing happens.

The magic pill for personal empowerment is your intent to heal, grow, and become. Because you are reading this blog post, I invite you to explore within yourself, what attracted you here? Are there areas of your life that you would like to experience differently? Do you feel a sense of being stuck or lacking clarity in any area of your life or relationship? Or maybe you feel a calling towards a new direction in your life and want to clear the way to make it easier.

Go within and listen to your intuition. What does it tell you? If you need help along the way, know that I welcome the opportunity to be part of your self-empowerment journey. Assistance is just a click away and geographical restraints don’t apply! You can find inspiration and support on the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels. And better yet, I practice Reiki and Spiritual Response Therapy for local and remote clients. So go ahead listen to what your intuition tells you. Take inspired action and see your life transform. Blessings to you!