Integrate Your Spiritual Self with Mentoring Sessions

Do you consider yourself a spiritual person but don't quite know how to integrate spiritual practices into your daily life?  Perhaps spiritual mentoring is for you! 

Spiritual mentor sessions are offered in-person, via phone and Zoom. Which topics interest you? Want to learn more? The link is in the bio.

* Crystal use for protection, clearing, manifesting, health, love, relationships, work, and career, travel
* Pendulums: develop proficient and accurate use; moving beyond yes/no questions
* Centering practices: meditation, journaling, appreciation and gratitude practices
* Channeling and automatic writing
* Energy clearing of your self, your home, property, business, pets, land
* House clearing and blessing
* Crystal grids for protection, clearing, manifesting, health, love, relationships, work/career, and travel
* Developing daily rituals: integrating spiritual practices such as these into your daily life
* Oracle cards and Tarot readings: develop your reading style and personal spreads for daily, weekly, monthly insights
* Telepathy: reading energy; connecting and communicating with animals, fairies, plants, Beings
* Archangels and Angels: develop working relationships with the Archangels and Angels

Have questions? Is there something you would like to learn that is not on the list? Reach out! We can craft a Mentor Session just for you!