I Am Divine - Use a Daily Ritual to Improve Your Life

We all have things we do day in and day out - rituals of sorts. Grabbing that first cup of coffee and reading the newspaper might be a comforting ritual to ease your way into the day. Another ritual may be going for a walk after dinner as a transition into the evening.

Think for a moment. Reflect and see if you can’t think of one or two rituals you do regularly in your life right now. How does that ritual support you? Or not?

Rituals have a place in our lives. They bring comfort because they are familiar. They provide structure in our day because we do them regularly. They can also support us towards our personal goals. And, they can detract us from our goals too. As in, eating that extra bite of chocolate every night before bed! That may not be a very supportive ritual, wouldn’t you agree?

It’s interesting to notice how many of our personal rituals are unconscious or habitual. It can be an adventurous experience to explore how they support or don’t support us in our lives. There are also conscious rituals that can bring guidance and greater clarity to support our inner callings and connection to our intuition. Some might consider meditation a ritual or practice. Setting a daily intention each morning or setting aside designated quiet, personal time during the day may be a preferred ritual. A favorite ritual that I have is to set aside personal time in the morning to connect with myself and Spirit through the I Am Divine card deck.

After lighting a candle, sitting comfortably, and taking a few deep breaths, I take the cards from the deck and hold them gently in both hands close to my heart. I breathe deeply and ask Spirit, “What do I need to know today?” Then, I shuffle them in my hands and select one card. I place it on the table in front of me next to some beautiful amethyst and clear quartz crystals and I gaze at the card.

For a few moments, I allow my curiosity to guide me as to the meaning of the card. What have the words on the card meant to me in the past? What about now? How do I feel about that message as it relates to who I am now and what is going on in my day and my life? I find it interesting to reflect on my past and present as it oftentimes shows me areas of growth and sometimes, I am revealed to remaining areas of pain or discomfort awaiting my awareness to bring healing to them.

I then read the gentle guidance and suggestions offered in the guidebook for a deeper level of introspection and understanding of the message. This ritual serves as a beautiful unfolding for me to start my day connected with myself and Spirit that is intimate and personal with my healing and personal growth. Over time, the reflection of the card during challenging times during my day has offered me greater opportunity to powerfully step into who I want to become and to be present and available for others in ways that I have not allowed myself to be previously.

What rituals do you do to support your connection with the Divine?  I invite you to share my ritual. Explore it, change it, add other components to it like journaling or prayer or meditation.  Make it your own. I hope you find the I Am Divine card deck as loving, supportive, and beautiful as I do. May the cards and their beautiful messages lift your energy and support you in connecting with your true self.