How To Use a Pendulum For Guidance And Personal Empowerment

Have you tried using a pendulum previously and felt uncertain about your results? 

Maybe you've heard that it is your unconscious mind answering your questions. Or, perhaps you have been told that the metal or type of pendulum you use matters. To make it more confusing, maybe you aren't aware of the better way to ask questions using your pendulum to get more accurate results.

Well, let that all go! If you would like to learn to use a pendulum, boost your accuracy and confidence in using a pendulum to receive guidance to your questions, then I can help you!  In the video, Learn How To Use A Pendulum, I cover these topics and more: 

* What is a pendulum, what is it used for, and does the material matter?
* Understanding where you get your information and how to set that up in the best way possible
* Establishing your pendulum movements and how to understand them
* Questions you can ask and get answers to while using your pendulum
* Verifying you are getting correct answers
* Basic charts to begin pendulum work
* Move beyond yes or no questions

Better yet, if you don't already have a pendulum, you can purchase one and download the Learn How To Use A Pendulum at the same time!