How To Keep Your Vibration High During The Holidays

We're at our best, in our own energy, connected to our inner wisdom and the Divine. In that space, we can hear our inner guidance and make informed choices and decisions that are aligned with our highest good.

Yet, foreign energy, or energy that is not your own, can accumulate in and around your personal energy field causing you to feel confused, fearful, angry, and a host of other disorienting emotions.

What to do? Clear! Raise Your Vibration!

  • Place your hands over your heart and breath deeply
  • Walk outside in nature
  • Use essential oils to boost your vibration
  • Wear black tourmaline, jet, labradorite crystals for protection

Bring in the Divine

Ask God/ Spirit/ The Universe and the Angels to cleanse your energy field of all lower vibrational energy, including all energy that is not of Divine Love and Light, and to infuse golden-white light in, around, and through your physical, mental, emotional, and spirit bodies. Remember to say thank you!

Intention is Everything

As a reminder, set your intention as you move through the tips. Intention is everything - be clear that you intend to clear and remove all lower vibrational energies and fill in with Gold light.

Blessings friends!