How To Attract More Love In Your Life

Love. We all want it. We need it. And many of us are looking for it.

We might think of love as something to get, achieve, or earn. We may look for love in our friendships and in our relationships and while love may be there, we might not feel it. So, instead of being present to the love that is there, we may turn our attention to the lack of it. We might want expressions of love to show up a certain way. We might dwell on the lack of love so disproportionately to that the love that is there, that in a way, the love that IS there, becomes invisible to us.

Funny thing is, love is all around each of us. The trick is where you place your attention and observing how you feel.

It's natural and human to focus on what we want, especially when there seems to be a lack of it. Yet, if we begin to notice the daily expressions of love in our lives, then the feeling of being loved is more present. You might be thinking, how do you do this?

Notice what feels loving to you. When a friend remembers to call you or ask you about something in your life...does that feel like love to you? When a stranger notices you dropped something and returns it to you, isn't that a loving expression of thoughtfulness? What about when you are having a hard day and you take a moment to offer yourself some compassion or take some time out to regroup and get centered? That is self-love.

These may not seem like grand gestures of love, but each is an example of loving expression. And when your attention is drawn to these daily expressions of love in your daily life, you naturally attune your thoughts and attention to look for them. You begin to feel the love even more. And, you attract more love into your life.