How to Access Your Body's Innate Wisdom

Our bodies have wisdom. Oftentimes when thinking too much it's easy to "get in our heads." By taking a few deep breaths and pulling that breath down to our feet, it anchors our soul energy in our bodies. Then, we have access to the bodies' innate wisdom, as well as, our soul energy as well.

Right now, place your hands over your heart and take in three deep breaths. Imagine Light coming in on your inhale. On your exhale, release all the energies of the day.

Next, feel into your body. Feel your breath down to your feet. Check-in and see how your body feels and invite your soul essence into your body, mind, and emotions requesting that Spirit show you the way through whatever challenge you are facing.

Notice the difference between how you feel now compared to how you felt before you began the exercise. 

Blessings friends!