How Others Treat You is Teaching You Something

Personal boundaries are important because they set the basic guidelines for how you want to be treated.

Boundaries can ensure that relationships can be mutually respectful, appropriate, and caring. Easier said than done, right?

Which begs the question, why is it hard sometimes to set boundaries? Is it the fear of not being accepted? Is it making the other person's needs or wants more important than your own? Is it not knowing the best way to set the boundary?

Oftentimes I find in my work that there are blockages (also known as false belief systems, programs, and patterns) we have learned from our family of origin, others in our lives, or even carried over from past lives that make it harder to step into our full power and state, with grace and ease, our needs. 

So how do you release or remove these blocks?  The first step is to pay attention to how others are treating you. In particular, notice when you feel angry, unheard, or unsettled. The idea here is to be observant from a curious mindset rather than a judgmental one. You aren't trying to change anything here. You want to see, with loving eyes, what is present for you so you can receive the message the emotion has for you.  See what you find. Explore a little. With some reflection, you may find you learned this way of being in your childhood. Or, you may have learned it as a reaction to something wanted or unwanted in your life. 

Awareness may be all that is needed to shift a block or pattern so that you can more easily speak your truth, set a boundary and uphold it with ease. If you find yourself struggling in these areas, consider scheduling an energy healing session. Both Reiki and Spiritual Response Therapy address underlying disparate energy patterns that manifest in this way. 

Have compassion with yourself as you uncover these hidden and seemingly unpolished gems. While the process of discovering hidden elements from ourselves can feel uncomfortable, freedom is on the other side. And freedom from anything that is not your true essence is liberating!