How Open Are You to Your Financial Prosperity?

Financial ProsperityHow open are you to your prosperity? Really. Think about it.

Most everyone says, “Yeah! I’m 100% open to my prosperity!” Who doesn’t think they aren’t completely open and receptive to all the good that can come their way?

But then, have you noticed this curious dynamic? How often has someone offered to carry something for you, and you’ve responded, “Nope, thanks - I got it!” Or, when someone shares a kind word, a generous sharing or even a simple compliment, how does that sink in? Do you acknowledge it? Do you say thank you and fully embrace it? Like, drinking it in like a delicious treat? Or, does the kindness just barely scratch the surface and roll off of you?

While these examples may seem small, insignificant, or even trivial, they are indicators of the good we all allow in our lives. If we aren’t letting the “smaller” good things in our life, then how might be restricting the “bigger” things that we want in our lives. And by bigger, I mean money, jobs, cash flow, opportunities, health, improved living conditions, new relationships, love…the list continues.

Sure, we would all like to believe that we are fully open and receptive to prosperity but that’s not always the case. We’re human. Along with our human journey, there are programs, limiting thought patterns, beliefs, systems, projections, dogma, and different ways of being that we’ve either adopted, picked up, brought into this lifetime as lessons to learn, or have taken on that are not allowing the fullest experience of prosperity. And that is okay - no judgment is needed there. That is part of the journey.

The other part of the journey is releasing ourselves from these limitations that no longer serve us. When the time is right, it’s time to shift. You know when the time is right because you feel it. You feel that longing for more in a particular area of your life. You feel the restriction. You might even think about different approaches, read a book, try to break old patterns and replace them with new ones. Your intuition may be guiding you to meet new people, share different conversations, and experiment in new ways to move through the old and take steps towards the way of being that serves you best. There are so many ways to make these shifts and no one way is the right way. The best way is what is right for you, right now.

At Clear Intuition, we offer a variety of different healing modalities to help with these shifts. They are Reiki, Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), and Essential Oils. These healing energy processes work great independently as stand-alone practices, and also extremely well as a combined package.

Using Reiki, the healing energy moves to transform and heal blockages in your energy system.

Using Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), we remove programs, vows, blocks, thought patterns and beliefs around poverty, scarcity, struggle, and lack. We make the shift to invite ease, flow, positive self-expression, success, and abundance into your life, work, and business.

With essential oils, we use our designated prosperity oils to address the four levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Their application either alone or in a synergy blend supports the energy field for attracting abundance and elevating your inner resonance to harmonize with prosperity.

How good are you willing to have your life be for you? How open are you to your full experience of prosperity? Open your prosperity channels. Schedule a Reiki, Spiritual Response Therapy, or Essential Oils session today