Guidance To Manage Energy Shifts During Uncertain Times

As 2020 unfolds with uncertainties related to COVID, our economy, our politics and more, it is important to maintain your physical, mental, and emotional bodies and align them with your Higher Self. 

You might already know that. And yay if you do! But you might be wondering how to do that in day to day life.  Following is some guidance to bring inner peace and to help you feel comfortable while existing in a transformative world. 

  • Be kind and compassionate with yourself during these uncertain times. Honor your internal rhythms. When you have energy, use it. When you don't, rest. When you feel confused, pause. When you feel clear, take action.
  • Release the judgment of comparing how you live your life now versus save a month or so ago. A  more favorable approach is what is. Invite a curious mindset. As in, I wonder...I wonder what this will be like? I wonder what changes I will see in myself? I wonder how I'll react to things differently. 
  • Forward or future thinking with a positive expectation, as opposed to retro thinking in comparison, will serve us all to raise our vibrations, align with the energy shifts occurring, and bring more peace and tranquility to our daily lives
  • Be present. Connect with others.  This can be as simple as looking around in the grocery store and smiling with your eyes at another. Offering kindness in simple moments to yourself and to others. The connection or good feeling (no matter how brief) sparks a light within and reconnects us with the vibrations of love. 
Blessings friends! Be well!