Getting to Know You...and Me too!

Are you new to Clear Intuition?  Well, welcome!!  

Let me introduce you! Clear - Intuition LLC is a Spirit-Directed business founded on the principle that we are Spiritual beings having a human experience. Our services, products, and classes are intended to expedite the awakening of each person’s truth of who they are which instills an abundance of Presence, Light, and Love in our individual and collective worlds.

Hi, I'm Julie. Through the energy healing services I offer, along with the hand-picked and cherished products we carry, my intention is to empower you to clear the path to recognizing and powerfully acting upon your own clear intuition. The result? Your light shining brilliantly!

You're invited to take a look around the website. Explore our products and energy healing services. Reach out with any questions and I hope to have the opportunity to visit with you soon! Blessings friends!