Get Your Reiki ON! Here's What You Need To Know

Get your Reiki ON!  

Sounds good! But what exactly does that mean? What is Reiki healing? Good question. Actually, what is healing? And what does healing mean to you? It varies, right? If you have a cold, then returning to a state of wellness would be the definition of healing. If your arm is broken, then having the bone regain structure would mean healing. Yet, in those examples, the healing definition is defined as returning to a previous state of wholeness. But what if something isn’t broken or needs to be fixed, can healing happen?

Questions like these are why I love Reiki healing so much. Yes, Reiki healing addresses physical ailments and promotes wellness. The Reiki healing that I appreciate so much is the healing that occurs in the emotional and mental bodies. Specifically in the areas that clients don’t necessarily have full awareness of the thoughts, beliefs, or patterns that are causing them pain, suffering, or loss of vitality in their lives, relationships, and experiences. Clients share areas of their lives that are not working and yet each person may have a different degree of clarity as to what is the cause of their challenges. Reiki healing assists in making those shifts to fascinate the overall healing process. Sometimes the Reiki healing supports greater awareness of the issues and can inspire a conscious intent to make changes. Other times, healing happens on a deeper or subconscious level by gently moving and shifting energies to support the client along their path to wholeness. For example, sometimes those subconscious areas of healing are intimate knowledge to that client, as in, only they will "get it” and notice it. As in, experiencing freedom from a repeated pattern of feeling frustration or irritability to a common trigger. After a Reiki healing session, a client commented on noticing herself reacting to a common trigger in a different way. Instead of reacting, as usual, she naturally paused, took a deep breath, and just allowed the sensation of anxiety to flow through her without having to react or experience the sensation remaining stuck.

This may seem like not a big deal. But it is. Because at that moment, that client experienced, more peace and calmness. She was capable of being more present in her life. Isn’t that inner peace that state of being we all aim to experience? It doesn’t feel good to feel anxiety, stress, frustration, or confusion. It DOES feel good to feel calm, serenity, peacefulness, and allowing. Whether shifts are big or subtle, they are shifts towards personal growth and healing. Ultimately, that brings you into greater alignment with your truth - the truth of who you are and less of the patterns and programs adopted along your journey.

No doubt this may seem theoretical as you read this! So, let’s take this to a more practical side, Reiki healing is best experienced and not described by me or anyone else. How Reiki healing feels in your body and your emotional and mental processes is a unique experience to you. And, Reiki healing doesn’t feel the same way to each person every time. The experience of Reiki is subjective, changeable, and sometimes very subtle. Clients often experience heat generating from my hands, and sometimes my hands are very cool - cold even. Other common experiences are subtle pulsations where my hands are placed.

The experience of Reiki healing depends on if the client experiences a single session or a series of sessions. Like exercise, there are benefits to regular and repeat sessions. Reiki is cumulative and even clients who don't notice much the first time usually have progressively deeper experiences as they continue. Most clients say they feel relaxed, refreshed, or more centered during and immediately after a Reiki healing session. There are different experiences as the day progresses and into the following weeks. Some of my favorite comments are that a client has a sense of being more centered and poised and less reactive and sleeping more deeply at night.

The best way to know what Reiki healing is to experience it for yourself. Explore what Reiki healing benefits are for you. Book a session and I hope to you see you soon. I’m looking forward to your sharing with me what Reiki healing feel like to you.