Free Yourself of the Victim Dynamic

I love this quote because I feel it speaks to the "victim set up dynamic". This is how it plays out: It's a situation in which I don't say how I'm really feeling or set a boundary with another and then when the other person does something "wrong" I get to blame them and play the victim. I place blame and judgment on the other person. It's a no-win situation. It's a setup pattern that I learned from my family of origin and this pattern has shown up in all areas of my life.

Fortunately, I'm on to the pattern and the dynamic. I have learned the "pay off" I get from this dynamic. I've learned to identify situations that trigger it.

The bottom line learning on this is to set healthy and appropriate boundaries. When I clearly and directly communicate my needs in an honest way, I stand in my truth and allow myself to be seen and heard. How the other person reacts to that is up to them. That is their choice.

In making this shift, I create an opportunity for love, respect, and freedom to be experienced in my inner world and in my relationships.

If you are struggling with setting boundaries, I encourage you to explore what your "pay off" is to not set them. Explore where you learned this pattern. Invite Source Energy, the Divine to help show you the way to move beyond this pattern and create inner peace and loving relationships in your life.