Empowering Ways to Deal with Anger

Ah, anger! Anger is a powerful emotion.

Sometimes it's there to camouflage the pain we feel. Sometimes it's there to help motivate us on the next step of our healing journey.

Anger, like all emotions, has a message. It's important to give your anger a voice so you can truly hear what it needs to say. And then, when you are ready, you can move past the anger. The trick is not to dwell in the anger or get stuck in it.

How do you deal with anger? Do you listen to your anger with acceptance or judgment? Do you inappropriately act out on your anger? And, if you no longer held that anger within you, how would you feel and what would your world look like?

Deep thoughts, I know! Anger can be a healing emotion if you're courageous to see what is there for you. And if you need some support in the process, remember, I'm a click away! Book an energy healing session and shift through these energies.  Blessings friends!