Does Reiki Healing Really Work?

Do you find yourself sitting on the fence about Reiki? Or crystal healing? Or even other alternative modalities? Do you doubt and question the effectiveness of them?

You’re not alone. It’s not uncommon to experience a duality or slight conflict within yourself on the topic. You might find yourself thinking, “This stuff doesn’t really work. There’s no scientific evidence for this. Doing this is silly!” On the flip side, you might also feel a compelling, yet gentle persuasive, call to believe in its merit and worth as a possible solution to your areas in question. As a Reiki healer and practitioner it is a common experience for me to be asked, "Is there a way to prove that Reiki healing practices work?” Of course, I am curious as to how to provide an accurate and honest answer.

But, I can’t help but take that question and apply to other services and products that seem to be more “proven” of effectiveness. Bear with me here and join me in this thoughtful journey of exploration!

Considering that most of us wash our hair with a shampoo that we think “work.” And we use cleaning agents in our homes that we think “work.” Many of us ingest supplements that we think “work” and even subscribe to gym memberships and other service-based offerings that we think “work.” My question is this: Is there proof that any of these work? Surely there is some evidence to support that the products may be effective or meet the marketing claims they make. However, we all know, one product is not necessarily good for every person. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have so many product choices. Additionally, not every person derives the same benefits from services like gym memberships and other service-based solutions.

Basically, the proof is in your personal experience. Does a product or service work for you? And if it does or doesn’t, can you honestly own that truth without feeling a need to comply with other people’s expectations and beliefs?  As in, if something really does work for you, are you willing to stand by it? Even it if seems unprovable or lacking merit for someone else? I share this because Reiki healing experience is different for each person. And interestingly, the same person can have a different reiki healing experience during different sessions. For example, here’s a short list of some of the Reiki benefits:

  • Boost your clarity-supercharge your confidence.
  • Move forward in your life with ease, clarity, and confidence.
  • Release pressures, confusion, and uncertainty through Reiki healing.
  • Release patterns, belief systems, programs, and blocks standing in the way of your life path.
  • Heighten awareness of your intuition.
  • Experience freedom from emotional and mental anguish.
  • Relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with yourself.

Why not conduct your own evidential experiment with Reiki? Try a session or two out! See if Reiki healing is for you and determine what your proof is for it working or not working in your life. Book you Reiki Healing Session today and let’s explore this together!