Do Your Relationships Suffer from Obligation?

Behind obligation are a host of lower vibration energies, as in, resentment and dishonoring of the self. When I find myself acting out of obligation, I ask myself why am I choosing this path? I know in my heart I'm not creating a loving space because underneath my obligation I feel resentful that I "have to do something" that I don't really want to do.

Ultimately, I find this experience to be an invitation to step into my true self. My authentic self. To stand in my truth and honor what I really want to do. To free myself from that obligation and to explore with myself and the other person that I feel obligated to, as to other ways to get the need met. Then, I am coming from a place of curiosity, honor, and respect for myself and the other person.

What is your experience? What are your thoughts on this? Let me know! And blessings to you!