Develop Your Own Reading Style with Oracle Cards

Do you enjoy pulling an Oracle card each day for guidance? Maybe you pull one, two, or even do a spread seeking guidance with important decisions.  And, while you may feel confident in your answers and interpretation of your cards, do you feel a little questionable deep down inside? 

Would you like to feel confident in your answers? It would feel supportive and trusting to be able to truly lean into the guidance you received, wouldn't it? Well, you can certainly do that. 

You are invited to book a Spiritual Business Coaching session with me to develop your own intuitive, Spirit-directed style of Oracle Readings.  Whether you are a beginner, advanced, or even a professional reader, we'll begin with what you know, fill in gaps of knowledge and build upon your expertise so that you are left with more confidence and accuracy in your Oracle card readings. 

Areas I have covered with others in previous sessions include: 

* Learn the difference between oracle decks and tarot decks
* How to select the best decks for your needs
* How to prepare your deck
* Set intentions and Sacred Space
* Maintaining neutrality
* Using your deck for your own readings
* Setting up your communication style with Spirit
* Best practices

Explore and refine your connection to Spirit. Develop your unique communication style to interpret and receive trustworthy guidance from Source. Book your session today! And, if you need an oracle card deck to work with, you might love our I Am Divine deck as much as I do!